The Border Starts Here

We believe that the situation at the European external border is shaped inside the European Union – through the priorization of economic interests over human lives. Fighting the criminalization of migration needs to target those profiting from the borders.

What we want:

Defund Securitization

From Frontex to Airbus, from IOM to think tanks – private companies and public organizations profit from the militarization of the European border. Outside of the border, states, militias and non-governmental organizations are paid to restrict the freedom of movement. We need to stop the spending of tax money into deadly borders and invest it into the European declared values – access to asylum and the preservation of human dignity.

Stop Criminalization

The criminalization of migration into the European Union builds upon the distorted imagination that those seeking safety are an external threat. EU-border guards have reportedly violated European and International Law, for instance through illegal pushbacks, physical violence and torture. Yet, the persecution of the perpetrators is largely hindered, while civilians trying to reach the safe harbors become the target for state repression. We demand the end of the illegalization of migration, and the persecution of Europe’s violations of law.

Defund the root causes of flight

Targeting the “root causes of flight” became a popular phrase among politicians in Europe. A brief look into main root causes of flight – war, economic inequality, exploitation and climate change – makes clear, that the EU is rather enhancing the need to seek refuge. We demand an end to the EU policy of restricting the ability to seek refuge, for instance through cooperation with authoritarian regimes and rather work towards a world in which people can choose to and not have to migrate.

Updates & analysis:

Hunger strike in Polish detention centres

Photo: People protersting in solidarity with the imprisoned refugees. For almost a month, ten Kurdish asylum seekers detained in the Polish detention centre in Lesznowola have been on hunger strike. They refuse to eat until their demands are reached: Adequate medical and psychological care, independent monitoring of the asylum process and accommodation in an open…

German border patrols

Since last fall, border protection in the EU has been strengthened even where there are no visible borders anymore – in the Schengen area. The German federal police takes part in the repression of refugees.

Frontex goes university – Outsourcing the militarization of the EU border into academia

Activists protesting against the border agency in Brussels. Source: Morning Star Last months, a cooperation of the European border agency Frontex with the Turin Polytechnic University led to larger public criticism from Italian academics and activist. The university and Frontex agreed on a budget of 4 million Euros, for which the institution produces maps on…

How to get involved:

You do not need to be at the frontier, if you want to fight it. The source of the border violence is rooted and funded inside the European Union. The work against it also starts there. We must target European border violence from within the EU. You can organize protests, do research, push your politicians.

Stay posted: Updates from the ground, new research and ways to get enganged against border violence:

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